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I have been a CBD user for about 3 years. I use it mainly for lower back nerve pain and foot pain due to being a nurse. I have tried several different brands of CBD over the years in all sorts of application types. Goldleaf Spektrum CBD is by far the cleanest and most versatile CBD I have used to date. The flavors are simple and not overbearing, strong enough to give a bit of flavor sublingually but also will not overpower the flavors of other juices if mixed. It acts as it should and effectively relieves pain and reduces inflammation quickly without leaving a nasty aftertaste. The CBD itself is incredibly high quality and produced by one of the most trusted companies on the market.
Kevin M. (Connecticut)
[Goldleaf Spektrum] changed my life honestly. I wouldn't be handling my chronic illness and the medical treatments for it so well had I never tried your CBD. The sweet mint is tasty too. Literally felt the difference soon after two droppers under my tongue. I left the nausea prescription at the pharmacy. It's been a huge help.
Michael K. (Virginia)
I loved your tinctures. The flavors and effect.  I tried them back to back for a few weeks against “no thc” isolate/MCT based drops and full spectrum is where it’s at.  The zero THC still manages my pain but only about 70% in comparison.
Bryce (Seattle)
I absolutely love this CBD oil whether it is in original hemp flavor, sweet mint or blood orange! You're going to get a nice flavorful and wonderful product. It absolutely helps with muscle aches, headaches ect. anything that you would originally take a Tylenol for. You could actually take this instead and it's much easier on your stomach and actually helps stomach aches also. This product is above and beyond most CBD products I've ever tried you will not be disappointed this is definitely the best CBD oil out there!
Megan R. (New Jersey)
I'm loving what you've done with the blood orange flavor profile and everyone I give it to does too. Potency is top notch, effects are as expected from full spectrum. 10/10 overall.
Evan M. (California)
The only thing that helps with my chronic back pain. I'm so happy I went with the Sweet Mint! It tastes fantastic!
Caitlin A. (New York)
I’m 53 years old and started to experience arthritic stiffness in my knuckles especially in the mornings. Someone recommended GoldLeaf so for the past 30 days I’ve been enjoying their Blood Orange flavor. I’m taking it in the AM and before I go to bed. I was pretty skeptical about the benefits of CBD, but now I’m a believer. The stiffness has subsided and my joints feel much better.
Lynn D. (California)
I was first diagnosed at age fifteen with mental health issues. Throughout the last thirty-four years, I have tried many different medications for PTSD, Depression, and Anxiety. However, my prescribed medications have never relieved all of my symptoms until I was introduced to CBD. At first, I was skeptical, but needing more relief of my lingering symptoms, I gave it a try. Within the first twenty-four hours, I felt better. As I continued to use CBD my lingering symptoms subsided. I wasn’t sure that it was because of the CBD. So, I stopped using it and my symptoms returned. I am now convinced and feeling much better from using CBD regularly. I have also received compliments that my skin looks better and has a glow to it. I am truly thankful for this product and stand behind it 100%.
Catherine P. (Connecticut)
I suffer from a neurological syndrome called Sjogren's disease that causes dry mouth and eyes.  For 10 years, my tongue has looked dirty and ashy. After taking Goldleaf’s CBD product for 3 weeks, my tongue is now a healthy looking tongue. I’ve come to learn that CBD oil may actually help destroy toxins in the body as it contains powerful antioxidants that can help with neurological disorders.
Josephine M. (New York) 
Goldleaf Spektrum CBD Oil is a wonderful product that I highly recommend. After using this product for only 3 weeks I’ve noticed many incredible shifts in my daily life. It’s always been hard for me to fall asleep early at night and to sleep without waking up. Since I’ve been taking Goldleaf Spektrum CBD Oil I’ve been falling asleep early and getting a solid night’s rest. Such an incredible difference!! I only need 3 drops about 45 minutes before my desired bed time and once I lay down I’m already in dream land. Sooo amazing! I’ve also noticed less body aches and pains. I enjoy working out every day and it can be hard on my body where I get lower back and neck pain. Since using this CBD I’ve noticed very little body pain. I’m a Holistic Medicine Practitioner and I use a BioScan Meridian Stress Assessment in my practice. This device shows my clients and myself if products are best suited for us and if our body is compatible to them. I’ve been checking this product with my clients on the BioScan machine and so far everyone has been compatible and it has brought clients from stressed zones to non stressed zones. It has to be the high quality ingredients in this product! I’m looking forward to seeing the long term effects of this product on my body! I highly recommend this product to everyone!
Shelby (California)


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